Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Age Drivel

New Age Drivel

(a random collection from the internet)

Any idea what the world be like when all the masks of leading (manipulative) formulae are transparent for every being and everyone knows how to use DNA language?

The growth of intelligence takes place by using the energy given to explore the possibilities while standing in the safe space.

There comes a time when illusion becomes apparent and truths surface, like learning to ride a bicycle adjusting to these shifts in conciousness will add salt and pepper to an ever expanding database of wisdom.

The environment around you, being the emmanation of your mind, you end up in whatever state of mind you nurture (create imprints for).

Each observation, however, is couched in mentalizations of time and location and therefore ostensible sequence. Our selective, sequential focusing creates the illusion of events happening. Nothing in the world causes anything else. All is intertwined in a holographic dance where each element influences every other element, but does not "cause" it.

All religions, esoteric schools are in essence the Science of the Being and the Universe - not all schools are created equal, always directly observe the subject you are being taught about...

I see biological parallels between our lives and the laws governing the fluctuations of the universe. Therefore we have everything, insight, and order to be gained through exploration of the quality and phenomena of of existence, including each others’.

If you were given great insight to all and than givin the opportunity to then move on to another phase of exixtance or stay here and do what you could to help advance this brief moment of time what and why would you do?

The world has manifested many festerd wounds as people. There is a natural cycle. Everything has to pass through the fire in order to realize the fire is an illusion. It is only real inside of you. That’s real enough for me. Don’t stoke and you won’t get burned.

Tomorrow is hidden in our past... the things that are done are repeated like a spiral or a funnel... our choices decide the direction... what are we choosing... Life or death, or maybe both because one leads to the other and the other to the other... Recycling itself from one paradigm to the other...which team will one choose to reside on is the question that I pose?


I have recently started to think about things in terms of energy instead of specifics and it is simplifying my thought system.

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