Friday, January 18, 2008

Aliens over Texas

Aliens over Texas

Apparently over two dozen people saw some strange lights in the night sky above the small town of Stephenville, Texas a few days ago, but no one took a photo or a video. In this day and age when almost every cell phone has a camera, why were there no photos, especially when the lights were visible for nearly five minutes?

It's enough to make you suspicious. Without photos or video there's nothing that can be examined by impartial scientists.

Perhaps Stephenville needs an economic boost. This will certainly bring in the tourists. A new Roswell perhaps?

As Carl Sagan once said about UFO sightings, they could be: "unconventional aircraft, conventional aircraft with unusual lighting patterns, high-altitude balloons, luminescent insects, planets seen under unusual atmospheric conditions, optical mirages and loomings, lenticular clouds, ball lightning, sundogs, meteors including green fireballs, and satellites, nosecones, and rocket boosters spectacularly reentering the atmosphere."

Quotation from: Sagan, Carl. (1995). The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. New York: Random House, pp.70-71.


Cameron McPherson Smith said...

i've seen people on tv talking about watching a mile-long UFO fly over their house, tking something like 5 minutes to pass. at first that sounds pretty good, but i wonder, how do they know it was a mile long? was it like 100 yards over their roof, or miles up? that's a little thing that seems easy enough to clear up. the poster on my fridge says "I Want to Believe" with a huge UFO image, but actually o'course "I Want to Know" i mean i already believe (though i admit it's entirely theoretically-based belief) there's intelligent life in the universe off Earth, but I want to know if it's been dropping in on us or not! i had a professor once that i suspected was extraterrestrial but my investigations RE the point came to nothing. cheers cameron

Charles Sullivan said...

Yeah, the full moon only seems to be about as big as quarter. It's definitely hard to gauge the size and distance of objects in the sky.

I hope that there's intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe. I'm not quite willing to say I believe, however, but the universe is a very big place.

In fact it's so big that the universe could be teeming with ETs much more intelligent and technologically sophisticated than we are, but the vast distances of space may preclude our making contact with them ever, even via radio transmission. But we should still be listening for signals (as Sagan proposed with SETI).

BTW, professors would be a good place for extraterrestrial infiltration, so you might want to investigate that professor a little more, just in case;)